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Best. Weekend. Ever.

Packing up to head home. It's been a fabulous Nebula Weekend and I am so very glad I came.


--Chatting with Connie Willis in the breakfast line

--Shaking hands with astronaut Mike Fincke

--Interviews with Jamie Todd Rubin and Myke Cole

--Meeting Sheila Williams and Stanley Schmidt for the first time

--The pacing panel with Tom, Ferrett, Rachel and Ellen, in which we ventured into such far-flung topics as music theory, neurology, and mountain climbing

--Meeting Joshua Bilmes and suddenly understanding why he is so incredibly good at what he does

--My first autographing session!

--Winning the Asimovs Readers' Choice Award.

The Awards Ceremony was fantastic. Walter Jon Williams made everyone laugh about a billion times. Mike Fincke showed home videos of astronauts on the international space station playing with water bubbles and doing the Iron Man. (Why don't they ever include this stuff in documentaries?!) James Patrick Kelly introduced the new Grand Master in a way that made her seem even more incredible than I had already assumed, and Connie Willis made us all cry with her acceptance speech.

I was sitting there, listening to Connie tell stories of cons past with Walter and Sheila and James and everyone else, and I had the weirdest, almost interstitial experience. Because I suddenly realized that in thirty years, that's going to be us up there on the stand. That's going to be John Scalzi and Mary Robinette Kowal and Eric James Stone and all the writers from our generation, standing up there and talking about what a great journey it's been, and how much fun we've all had together.

Thank you, Connie, for giving us all a glimpse of our future.
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