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I've love doing podcast interviews. I love them because I can communicate so much more quickly than I can in text interviews. I can interact with the interviewer. We can follow the meanderings of the conversation and end up in strangely unexpected places.

That's what happened during last month's interview with Randall Hayes of Variation, Selection, Inheritance. The podcast is funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation, and is all about evolutionary patterns in unusual instantiations. It turns out that Randall is a fascinating person to talk to. We strayed far and wide from our intended topic of conversation; so much so that instead of making one podcast episode out of it, Randall made three.

Here they are, for posterity:

Episode 44: Nancy Fulda, Hugo Nominee
Episode 45: Nancy Fulda on Evolving Robots and Kids
Episode 46: Nancy Fulda on Writing with Words
Tags: aspergers, evolution, life, podcasts
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