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Adventures in Freelancing

As some of you already know, I'm moving into freelance editing and web development to supplement the family income.

The funny thing is, I don't earn any more per hour doing this than I do writing original fiction. It takes me about as many hours to write a professional-calibre story as it takes to code up a custom WordPress Theme. But when I'm writing I don't have that subdued, frantic panic that stems from knowing a client is depending on me and expects the project done by deadline.

I don't push myself. And so I don't produce.

Ironically, one of the biggest benefits of freelancing has been noticing how much I pamper myself with my fiction. I'm prone to taking breaks whenever I get stuck. Taking evenings off. Socializing online. Because, hey, there's no deadline, and the story will be done when it's done.

In a weird, reverse-psychology sort of way, I'm hoping the freelance work will increase my writing productivity, because I'll have less time left in which to write, and will therefore treasure it more.

(My psyche is such a strange, malformed little creature...)

Discovering Elance

Hm. Okay, so I've spent the last few days playing around on the elance (internet-based freelancing) site. Part of my brain is thinking "Ooh, this is cool. Supplemental income!" The other part is yelling "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! A high percentage of the jobs posted never get awarded, so the mere process of tracking down work could become a huge time sink."

Maybe it'd be a more solid decision, financially, to just stick with fiction. On the other hand, some of the jobs in the editorial category look positively fun. I dunno...

Has anybody here tried out elance (or other freelancing web sites) before?




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