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Two weeks ago a member of my online writers' group used this image as an example of excellent cover design. I looked at it and thought: "Wow, pretty."

I did not, however, feel any desire to read the book.

Last week I was grabbing a link off of Robert J. Sawyer's web site and saw the book displayed along the left sidebar. "That's right," I thought, "He wrote that book."

Robert J. Sawyer is a familiar name to me, but I still felt no compulsion to read the book.

A few days ago I caught a facebook update about the ebook version of Wonder. It mentioned a special introductory article about artificial intelligence.


Suddenly I was thinking, "Holy cow, I have got to read this book!"

What happened? The intersection of two good ideas: A beautiful cover and the fact that the book's about AI. (AI was my research specialty at BYU. I love all things sentience-related.) For someone else the combination might have been Sawyer's name + AI, or the cover + Sawyer, or AI + previously blind protagonist.

My point is that I'd seen the book. I knew it was there. I even had warm feelings toward it. But it didn't call to me until two enticing elements intersected.

Every writer knows it takes two good ideas to build a story. I'm beginning to think the same principle holds when selling a product. Two unique benefits. Two reasons why someone might like it.

Which casts my entire view of internet marketing in a new light. It's not about hammering your followers with identical information for days in succession (I've never liked doing that anyway). It's about attaching an additional unique benefit to a product every time you mention it.

It's about telling people something new.

It's about finding the magical intersection of ideas that will convince a customer to buy.




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