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The Mind's I

I miss my copy of The Mind's I. I read it as a teenager. Adored it. And have apparently misplaced it.

(Or perhaps it was never mine in the first place. I did occassionally filch reading material from my siblings. That would certainly explain its disappearance.)

Either way, I wish I had it now. It is one of the best collections of thought experiments on sentience, cognition and artificial intelligence that I have ever read. It asks questions like "What if the two halves of your brain were severed and each half connected to a machine that was able to perfectly simulate the neural impulses coming from the other half? Are you still sentient? And are there now two of you?"

It also has a chapter on an enthralling little robotic cockroach that's attracted to light.

If the author's name -- Douglas R. Hofstadter -- sounds familiar, it's because he also wrote
Gödel, Escher, Bach. Thank heavens I still own my copy of that one!




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