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Free Subscriptions to TSJ

The Sigurd Journal is a new national journal devoted to publishing quality literature. One of the co-founders has graciously offered to provide free subscriptions to the first 10 of my blog readers who email and request one.

TSJ's submission guidelines may be found below. One line, in particular, ought to strike many of you as familiar...

Submission Guidelines for The Sigurd Journal:

The Sigurd Journal (TSJ ) publishes creative work that is significant, adding emotionally and intellectually to the known world, to paraphrase Margaret Mead. Submissions should be elegant, exhibit an innovative use of language, and take risks while being efficient. We seek to publish work that exhibits Owen Barfield’s concept of the strange – that is, writing which propels readers to “a felt change of consciousness.”

TSJ is eager to receive submissions of memoir, travel writing, poetry and creative nonfiction. Short fiction, considered in all genres, is also needed. No gore or pornography. Poetry must be in the range of 12 lines or less; formal poetry is also welcomed. Prose is considered up to 2,000 words, though lengths 500 to 1,500 words will receive strong preference.

Payment is 50 cents per line for poetry and “about” $10 per 500 words for prose (“about” means that if your submission is 1,040 words, for example, you will be paid $20.) A regular columnist is sought who can be humorous, inspirational and poignant about the human experience in a short space; $10 per 500-word column, submit at least four columns.

All submissions to TSJ must be accompanied by a nonrefundable $5 fee, for which you will receive a four-issue subscription to TSJ. We have no paid staff and make no profit; all proceeds go to pay contributors and expenses. Current subscribers may submit without paying again.

Subscriber information will not be sold or shared. TSJ is mailed to subscribers booklet style, saddle-stapled, 5.5 x 4.25 inches, page number varies. Subscriptions may be paid by Paypal to or by mail to P.O. Box 93, American Fork, Utah, 84003. Subscription in no way guarantees publication – our rejection rates will mirror national publications. Submissions must be previously unpublished. Rights for one-time use only are purchased. Submissions only via email in rich text format or in the body of the email, to
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