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Codex Blog Tour: Rick Novy

Rick Novy

Rick Novy

2020 Visions

2020 Visions

For the next several days, I'll be posting mini-interviews with authors from the Codex Blog Tour. Alas, the tour has too many spectacular authors for me to interview them all. I've therefore selected interviewees according to the extremely unscientific criterion of: "These are the books I'd be most likely to pick up at a bookstore."

Today's interview is with Rick Novy, author of nearly three dozen publications and editor of the recently released anthology 2020 Visions.

It's not every author who's handed the opportunity to edit an anthology. How did this come about?

The story goes back about a year and a half. I had been submitting to and publishing in M-Brane SF magazine since issue #1, and regularly appeared for the first year. I had always wanted to try my hand at editing and after appearing in the magazine four or five times and interacting via Twitter with editor/publisher Christopher Fletcher, I just pitched him the idea of guest-editing an issue of the magazine.

The timing for that was right, as Christopher was actually trying to keep his magazine on time in addition to working on an anthology. He appreciated the load of the magazine temporarily removed from his shoulders.

As it turns out, because of my membership in Codex and in SFWA, I was able to attract authors that wouldn't normally have submitted, so the issue turned out to be very solid. In fact, Chris surprised me by releasing it as a trade paperback anthology he titled "Ergosphere."

In late spring or early summer of 2010, I resurrected an idea I had been tossing around for a near-future anthology called "2020 Visions" and pitched it to Chris, who had been working toward developing his magazine publishing business into a small press.

Because this was intended to be an invitational anthology, we expected the quality to surpass "Ergosphere." Chris's taste in science fiction is very similar to mine, and with the relative success of "Ergosphere," he gave me the green light to start reading for "2020 Visions." After that, it was just doing the work.

Do you have a favorite story in 2020 Visions?

I have 16 favorites.

You're not only an editor, but an accomplished writer with over three dozen publications. Of your literary achievements, which do you find most satisfying?

The most satisfying thing to me is when a reader tells me they enjoyed the story. That's what it's all about, making people happy. Writers are entertainers.

If your daughter expressed interest in a writing career, what advice would you give her?

Follow your heart, and if you want to be a writer, do whatever you can to become the best writer you can be.


Many thanks to Rick for taking time for this interview. Coming up tomorrow: Gareth L. Powell, author of The Recollection
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