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New Editing Rates

Since being booked four months in advance and then turning away clients because I'm unwilling to be booked out even farther in advance is starting to drive me batty, I am applying the classic laws of supply and demand. In other words: I'm raising my prices.

Hopefully, this will result in a lower workload, more capacity to take on projects at short notice, and more time to spend with my family. Plus, I'd like to spend some time, you know, actually writing and stuff.

My new rates are as follows:

Developmental Edit -- $100 per 10,000 words
I'll read the entire novel, making notes to myself along the way. I'll then provide my client with several pages of analysis regarding the book's strengths and weaknesses, including suggestions for improvement. I work on the assumption that the author is still open to major revisions, so I may recommend significant changes to the plot, characters, or setting.

Continuity Edit -- $200 per 10,000 words
During a continuity edit I read the entire novel, using MS Word's Track Changes feature to make notes in the margin. I'll watch for continuity errors, plot holes, ambiguous phrasings, suspension-of-disbelief issues, and pacing problems. I may suggest individual word changes if I spot an obvious fix, but my focus will be on "big picture" stuff.

Line Edit -- $300 per 10,000 words
Some people call this a copy-edit. A line-edit includes everything I do when continuity editing (see above). In addition, I'll go over the manuscript line by line and suggest word changes, alternate sentence structures, insertions and omissions designed to streamline the text and make it an effortless read. I use MS Word's Track Changes and will generally make several changes per page.

I don't offer proofreading or fact-checking services, although I will mark grammar, spelling, and factual errors if I happen to spot them.

Payment, unless otherwise agreed upon, is half in advance and half on completion, via PayPal.

Continuing Clients
Price changes do not apply to edits that have already been scheduled or to ongoing projects like series consultations. Hourly editing rates will continue to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

New Clients
I am currently accepting clients by referral only. Loosely stated, that means you need to get someone I know and trust to introduce you to me. I know that sounds unfair, but I simply don't have the capacity to manage a slush pile at the moment. Sorry... :(

Oh yeah, one more thing: I'm a fairly conservative reader. I prefer not to work on manuscripts that would be rated PG-13 or higher in a theater. If your book has strong language or mature relationships, I might not be the right person to edit it.
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